Find My iPhone Online: Track your Lost/Stolen iPhone, iPad or iMac

A lost or stolen iPhone situation is one of the worst situation that you can come up with on any day. You can find my iPhone online if you know the methods and you are quick to track your iPhone. Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac are best digital devices that you have but what happens if they get lost or stolen. Certainly you will be worried as we share and store a lot of private information on iPhone and not to mention we are signed in to various online accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. It can really be a headache if anything happens to your iPhone. However we are going to tell as how to locate your iPhone online by iCloud website login,without iCloud login,without an app or with apps such as mobilemee. Using the methods below, you can easily find your phone.

Latest released models like ,iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 10/8/7,iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus can also be found using the below method. If you search google “find my phone” then you will probably end up on methods to find android phone rather than iOS devices. Follow below given methods which probably provides you can chance to locate your iOS devices.

In case you lost your iPad or Android Phone then visit below links : 

Already Know How to Use Find My iPhone Feature, If YES :

If you have ever misplaced it in your room or office for few minutes then you really know about tension that it creates. We try all sort of things to track and locate it out but people still don’t know how to locate it easily without any difficulty. The other big things is that most of the people don’t know how to use find my iPhone features on computer to locate their phone.

iCloud Find my iphone

Apple devices are always released with awesome features and Find my iPhone, Find my iPad or Find my iMac are one of them. You can easily track and locate your iPhone, iPad or Mac with this feature provided by Apple on your iCloud Account.

Here are few things that you need to do before you can use this feature.  If you just purchased your iPhone then do these things immediately. If you didn’t do below listed things and you lost you iPhone then it can’t be tracked.

  • To use Apple’s Find my iPhone feature you need to set it up first. This feature works through apple’s iCloud service which is used to sync and store files through cloud service for all your devices. If you have an Apple ID, then you already have iCloud account.
  • You need to enable this in settings of your device. For this go to Settings, Click on iCloud ( You my need to Sign in ), Go to Find my iPhone and Switch it on.
  • Once you do above things, you are ready to Find or track your iPhone’s exact location.

Two ways to Find you iPhone or other devices such as iPad or Mac –

  1. Using PC
  2. Find my iPhone App

Find your iPhone Using PC or Laptop

Now as you already set up the find my iPhone in your settings, you can easily find your iOS device location using your personal computer or laptop.  Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your Apple ID.
  3. Out of all the Apps shown, Click on Find my iPhone.
  4. Once you click on Find my iPhone,  a map appears showing your iOS devices as dots in the map.
  5. Now Click on Devices options at the top and select your lost/stolen iOS Devices.
  6. Suppose you lost your iPhone 6 in this case, click on iPhone 6. Now you can see 3 options : Play Sounds, Lost MODE and Erase iPhone.
  7. You can use any 3 options out of these. I will explain these below.
  8. To get TURN BY TURN Directions to get your iPhone you need to click on Green dot when you see your device on the map.

Play Sounds Option in Find my iPhone : Suppose you lost your iPhone in the house or office then you can use play sounds options. This will enable the device to play a sound at full volume even if your iPhone is in silent mode. Loud noise from the iPhone will make you find it immediately. Playing sound option for iPhone will override vibration or no sound options on the iPhone.

LOST MODE Option : It locks your device with 4 digit password or passcode that you select. Beside these you can also type a message and your contact no. to be shown on the lost or stolen iPhone. If someone finds it, he can contact your through that number. This way you can locate or track it via that person. You need to trust him/her on this thing that they will contact and return it.

Find My iPhone

ERASE iPhone Option : This is last option that you need to use only in worst case. Using this option you can remotely wipe all of your iPhone or other iOS device data  including your iCloud login. Once you do this, you will not be able to use Find my iPhone feature further more.  However if you used LOST MODE option before this, it will still be displayed on your device even after erasing your iPhone. The message display facility even after erase is only available in iOS 7.

Activation LOCK : If you have upgraded to iOS 7 then you can find Activation LOCK as another option. Nobody will be able to sell or use your iPhone if you turn it on. Once your iPhone or iOS device is turned on, the activation lock start working and it asks for Apple ID and password that was used to erase the iPhone =D

Find Your iPhone Using App

You can also locate your any iOS device using Find My iPHONE app which is available on iTUNES. This is same as using the find my iPhone in iCloud Account. Below are the steps as how to do it using this app:

  1. Download and install FIND MY iPHONE app on another device of yours or you can also use your friends or relatives device. If they have already installed the app proceed to next.
  2. Login in the app using your Apple ID.
  3. Once you login, you can see your iOS device locations and start tracking your device.
  4. You will also find 3 options : Play sound, Lost Mode and Erase iPhone. You need to tap on small blue arrow to access these options.
  5. You can perform the above functions similar to PC.

However it’s not mandatory to install this app. It’s just an option. You can always track and locate your iOS device using your iCloud account.

Apple has recently introduced family sharing option which lets you find iPhone of your family members. You need to setup family sharing option on all devices of your family members to use this feature. Once setup your family members can track your devices or any other member devices through this app. It will help you track down your iPhone really fast if you just lost it. You simply need to inform and whoever is near to the location can look for it. 


If thief turns off your iPhone or puts the device in AIRPLANE MODE then there is no possibility that you will be able to track it.  Signal will be lost and hence GPS will stop working which is essential in locating the location of your device. You can not find your iphone without GPS service. No find my iphone website or app can help you out regarding this.

In this case, your iCLOUD account map or the app will show the last known location of your iPHONE, iPAD or Mac.

How to use Find My iPhone in iOS 9 and later versions

Apple is continuously upgrading its iOS from time to time. The latest one being iOS 9.2 which has cool features to look for. You can check your iPhone’s system settings to upgrade iOS on your iPhone. 

To use find iPhone app in iOS 9 you need an iCloud account. You must be already having one through which you signed in or signed up during iPhone setup. In case you forgot then you should go to iPhone settings > iCloud and there you have it. Your name along with iCloud email id is present at the top of the screen. This iCloud email id is very important because iCloud uses this email to sync and store data on iCloud. This app uses this same email id to sync its data and remote control service.

iOS 9 Find my iphone

If you have an iPad, iPod or Macbook then you should use the same iCloud email id to sign in to these devices. You will be able to see all your device in this app if same iCloud email id has been used and you can track every device location from one place. 

find my iPhone family

How to Turn Off Find My iPhone

If you ever decide to turn off this location feature then you can do it very easily. There can be number of reasons for turning off the app. One of the main reasons people turn off is that so many better apps are available to track your phone. Secondly god knows what apple is tracking using the app. In the above cases you simply need to go to the settings >>iCloud and then tap to turn off the Find my iPhone feature.

You also need to know that turning off iCloud will also turn off the feature. iCloud is necessary to save all your data and take a backup from time to time. Turning it off will not help you in longer run. It must always be on. 

You can also turn off by going to your iCloud account. Visit the iCloud website and login using the apple credentials that you used on your device. Go to iPhone. Select your device from the drop down menu and remove it. You should do this thing only if you are unable to access your device. If the iOS device comes online again then it will start showing in Find my iPhone. You can wipe the data of your device to make everything go away. Whenever who has the phone turns it on then it will ask the apple password which can’t be cracked that easily. 

There are number of apps available in the iTunes market to track down your iPhone. Once you use these apps you don’t need to search for how to find my phone.

Device Locator

Device locator paid app which is available for $2.99. It offers a lot of features such as sound alarm, clicking the pic, sending a custom message on iPhone, track battery life and lock certain parts of the phone as well. It helps you track your Phone using GPS and cell tower triangulation. It will also you locate multiple devices at the same time from this single app. It’s one of the best apps out there to know the answer to find my phone.


GadgetTrak is available for iOS, Android and Windows phone. The iOS app is paid and will cost you $3.99 while android and windows is available for $19.99. You can track all iOS devices such as iPod, iPad or mac. It provides number of basic features such as:

  • Push Message
  • Track Multiple Devices
  • GPS and cell Tower Triangulation
  • Use of front and rear camera remotely

All the data is highly encrypted. You can give it a try as it’s working well for many people. 


iHound is app which provides some unique features beside the basic ones. It’s really helpful for people with kids as one of the features includes geofencing. It’s available for $3.99 for 3 months. You can even track iPad and iPod too. Geofencing functionality is very useful. You can select an area in the app. Whenever your device goes outside the area then you will get immediate notification. You can also set it to send you alerts when the device reaches a particular place. Suppose the device having iHound reaches MacD and you already set alert for it then you will get a notification immediately about your device being at MacD. Isn’t that cool?


GPSTracker is totally free app which you can download on iTunes. You can give donation for all the free features that you get with this app. GPSTracker provides some of the best features although it’s free. You get features like Geofencing, multiple device tracker and a panic button as well. Here are some of the features:

  • Geofencing – Sends you alert if phone goes outside selected area
  • Locate device via GPS, Wifi.
  • Track Multiple iOS Devices
  • Password protect phone remotely
  • A panic button ( Sends email or start a call on given number)

Most of these apps can be installed on all iPhones like iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE and upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. You can directly visit app store, search for the app, install and configure it according to your need. It will be very useful.