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Find My iPad Online – Track iPad Now 2020

Apple iPad is one of the best tablets in the market. Losing an iPad becomes a serious problem because of the private information such as pics, videos, and other documents available on the iPad. We are also signed on to many online accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Anyone getting an iPad will be able to do anything with automatic sign-in on these accounts. However, you can find and locate your iPad simply by logging in iCloud. 

Already Know How to Use Find My iPhone Feature, If YES :

iCloud helps you track all your Apple devices such as iPod, iPhone, Mac, and iPad. You must be connected to all of your devices with an Apple Id. iCloud Sign in with the same Apple ID will show your devices on a map and their current location. You can also get step by step direction to reach your device. We will help you below step by step to perform these things smoothly. Once you do it then you will be able to do it whenever you want.

You can also use the official Apple app to find all of your apple devices such as iPad, Mac, iPod touch or iPhone. You can download “Find My iPhone” on your iPhone or even on your friends iPhone to start finding and tracking all of your devices.

“Find My iPhone” app can track all your Apple devices. Don’t get confused with the name. Once you sign in with the same Apple ID that you used to sign-in in on your iPad then you will be able to see all of your active devices and their location on the map. You can also get directions to reach up to your device. It’s one of the most awesome features of using Apple. =D

Important: “Find My iPad” must be enabled in iCloud by going to iPad SETTINGS. You may need to sign in with your Apple ID. Location tracking must be allowed as well when the pop up comes up upon turning on the “Find my iPad” option. If didn’t do that, it’s not going to work. 

Basically there are two ways through which you can find your iPad:

  1. Using a PC or laptop
  2. Using your iPhone 

How to find My iPad using a Computer 

You need to follow some simple steps below to locate your iPad:

  1. Find any nearby Laptop. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a MacBook or a Windows laptop. 
  2. Open any browser and go to
  3. Use your Apple ID for iCloud Sign in. ( Apple Id must be same that you used on iPad)
  4. There will be no. of apps inside the iCloud. Find and click on “Find My iPhone”
  5. “Find My iPhone” will show all your apple devices connected to this account on a map. Click on Devices option at the top and choose your lost/stolen iPad.
  6. You will be able to see its location on the map. Along with it, you will be presented with 3 options: Lost mode, Erase, and Play Sound. 
  7. Grey dot means: Unable to locate right now. You need to wait in this case.  A green dot means your device location is available and you can perform no. of options listed above remotely. 
  8. You can also get step by step direction to reach your iPad by clicking on the green dot on the map. 

Play Sound Option: If you lost your iPad inside your house or at the office then you can use this option remotely to find your iPad. Clicking on this option from your PC will make the iPad make an annoying sound that you can recognize easily from a distance as well. Sound will be played even if your iPad is in silent mode. This is a cool feature to get it instantly especially at home or office. 

Lost Mode option: Lost mode option allows you to lock your iPad with a 4 digit security code. You can also type a message to be shown on the iPad screen. Whoever has your iPad or finds it will see the message. There is a chance that you will get it back if the person contacts you on the number given. 

Erase Device option: If you lost your device at the public chance and you think it got stolen then you can use this option. Our personal iPad contains personal information such as documents, pics, and videos. It’s always best to erase the iPad remotely in case someone stole it. It will delete everything on your iPad. 

ACTIVATION LOCK: iOS 7 offers another option known as Activation lock. If you turn on the activation lock then the iPad will ask for Apple ID and password that you used to erase the device (It will ask when your device is turned on). A thief can’t sell your iPad without activation. It will protect your iPad for some time at least. 

It will look similar in iPad as well  Let’s look at how you can use the app to track your iPad. 

Tracking iPad using “Find My iPhone” app 

The whole process is similar to the above one. Instead of using iCloud login, we are directly going to use “Find My iPhone” app from iTunes store. You can use this app to find all of your iOS devices connected to the same Apple account. Follow the below steps to locate iPad:

  1. Install the app from the iTunes store on one of your devices. You can also use your friends iPhone or iPad to install and use it. 
  2. Use your Apple iD to login that you used in your lost/stolen iPad. 
  3. As soon as you login, you will be see device locations and start tracking it. 
  4. Same 4 options will be available here as well. Lost mode, erase, Play sound and activation lock options can be used remotely using this app. 
  5. All the functions can be used similar to PC. 

One more thing….

You can not track your iPad if it’s turned off or in AIRPLANE mode. Without GPS, location tracking is not possible via iCloud account or FIND MY iPhone app. A number of people say Find my iPhone not working. There are 2 reasons behind it. They didn’t set it up properly before losing the device. Secondly, there is no internet connection on your device at the time you’ve tried. You need to wait for the person to turn on your device.

With no Internet, no other website or app can help in tracking or location your iPad. However, you can always see the last location of your iPad on the map. 

How to Fix iPhone Flickering Screen 2020

If your iPhone’s screen has any problem as it is flickering, you come to a good place because, in this article, we’ll know about why is iPhone screen has started flickering at once. So your iPhone has a screen problem, do not worry there are many solutions for the screen problem of the iPhone. Sometimes it happened because of a software glitch and sometimes it happened because of hardware as loose connection within display circuit or defective screen. So as you saw there may be many causes behind screen problems. I have mentioned some symptoms of screen flickering to make sure you’re facing screen problems not any other.

Symptoms of screen flickering

  • iPhone touch screen become unresponsive  with gray flickering at the top of the screen. It is an hardware problem( if this exist in your iPhone, solution 1)
  • In this problem iPhone screen keeps flickering when you are flickering between apps or 3D touch. This problem also take place when you try to search app with Spotlight.

Note: If you have bought your iPhone within 30 days, you replace with new one.

Method 1: to Solve Screen flickering problem for iPhone 6 &6 plus

As I mentioned in the first symptoms, It is a hardware problem called touch disease on iPhone 6 & 6 Plus. There is a logic board in the inner part of the iPhone. This logic board is a home for many circuits that make sure the iPhone is working properly. Many circuits are connected with this circuit as a processor, Storage, and touch controllers.

Apple has launched a multiple repair program by which you can solve this touch disease on iPhone 6. It can repair screens or affected devices only at 149$. To repair your device you have to contact Apple care or Apple-authorized service provider. So contact with apple care and tell them about your problem, they will surely help you.

Now if your screen has second symptom disease, you have to move second, third, fourth, or fifth method to solve your screen problem. If your iPhone has not first type screen disease, it has a software issue which can be solved by following method. Let’s try and and solve your problem.

Method Second: Close Your All Open Apps

To Close your All Open all just follow the following steps. Sometimes, It is very easy to stop screen flickering problem because when your screen has enough load on it, it started flickering which can play the main role and increase your mobile/ iPhone problem. So we have to close your all app.

  • Double Click on the home button.
  • All open app will be appear on the screen.
  • Now close the app which you want to close.
  • To close swipe it.

Now you have closed app background running app in your mobile or iPhone.

Method Third: Hard Reset or Reboot your iPhone

You can hard reset or reboot your iPhone by yourself. To hard reset or Reboot your iPhone, just follow the following step.

  • Press power button and home button together for 10 second.
  • After 10 second, leave power button but do not leave home button until Apple logo appear on the screen.
  • Now your iPhone has started booting up.

If your screen has not stopped flickering, just move on to another method which has given below.

Method Fourth: Turn Brightness down

Instead of rebooting your iPhone, you can also fix your iPhone problem by turning brightness down. To turn brightness down, just follow the following steps.

  • Go to setting.
  • Now tap on brightness and set it lowest possible brightness.
  • Now keep it for some time.
  • After passing 10 minute, just click on brightness and set it again wherever you want to set it.

Now you will see screen is not flickering at all. So try this method and stop your iPhone flickering Problem.

Method Five:  Turn Reduce Transparency on

The reduce transparency on can reduce workload of iPhone. So if you turn it on, may be your screen flickering will be stopped and start working as good as before.To turn on reduce transparency on just follow the following step.

  • Go to setting.
  • Now go to General<<  Accessibility << Increase contrast << Reduce Transparency
  • Now turn on reduce transparency on.

After your iPhone should work properly. If you still facing any problem and there is any problem remain on your iPhone screen, just comment below and let us know about your problem. We will solve or try to solve your problem. Thanks.

Find My iPhone Without iCloud 2020

There are some situations in which someone plays a prank or we just lost the iPhone in our home or at the office.  We often forget where we kept it and then look for it everywhere from neighbor house to the office. In these cases, we want to find our iPhone immediately rather than signing in to iCloud on PC and looking for its location on the map. It’s a time taking process and secondly, you may not have your laptop everywhere with you. Check out the below methods of finding your iPhone without iCloud.

Find My iPhone Without iCloud

To find the location of your iPhone immediately, you can use Find My iPhone app developed by Apple itself for all of its iOS devices. Find my iPhone app was a paid app but now it’s totally free and you can install it in seconds on your mobile.  It helps you track the location, get turn by turn direction towards your lost/stolen iPhone and many other options. You can download this app from iTunes immediately.

Apple’s Find My iPhone app can be installed within seconds from the app store on any iOS device. You can use your friends or family iPhone or iPad to use find my iPhone app. You simply need to download and install the app then sign in with your iCloud or Apple user ID and password. 

Download FIND MY iPHONE on App Store.

Now suppose you lost your iPhone somewhere and you did not find it after initial search. Simply take your friends iPhone or any other iOS device such as iPOD, iPAD or Macbook that you have at the moment and install FIND MY iPHONE app from app store. 

As soon as the find my iPhone app installs,

  1. You can sign in inside the app with your Apple ID and password.
  2. After signing in, you can see the location of all your apple devices.
  3. Now you can see the location of your lost iPhone. You will see the devices as a green dot on the map. Select the iPhone from the options that is lost .
  4. Simply tap on the green dot ( location of your iPhone) to check out for other options such as turn by turn directions. 

In case it’s gets stolen, you can immediately lock it, erase the memory and send a message on your iPhone with a contact number. In this way, you can protect all the information on your iPhone. With iOS 7 upgrade you also get a feature called ACTIVATION LOCK. Once it’s turned on, it’s very hard to sell or use the device as it asks for Apple id and Password.

Find Your iPhone Without iCloud Using Third Party Apps

Find my iPhone is the official app that you can use on your friend’s mobile or mac to locate your iPhone. Besides this app, there are a ton of apps available on iTunes that can help you locate or track your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Macbook. However, there is only 1 requirement to use these apps. Apps should already be installed on your iPhone then only they can track your iPhone. If the app is installed then you can perform a number of functions such as wipe, click a pic, record audio, take a backup of contact info, ring or send a message to your phone. 

I am going to list a number of apps that you should install on your iOS device as soon as you purchase it. These help will be of real help in case of stolen and lost iPhone problem.

  1. Device Locator
  2. GadgetTrak
  3. iHound 
  4. GPSTracker

These four apps are very efficient in performing a number of functions remotely. You should install at least one of them on your iOS device to make sure that it tracks your device. iHound and GPSTracker offer Geofencing function which is really helpful for parents. With the Geofencing function, you can set an area in which your iPhone or iPad should be there. If it goes outside that area then you will get an immediate alert on your phone or email. It’s even more good as you can set alerts for specific places too. Suppose it enters into a nearby store such as MacD or Pizzahut then you will immediately alert regarding the same that your device entered the place. 

There are many other anti-theft apps that need to preinstalled on your iPhone before you lose it. Some of these anti-theft apps offer exclusive features such as remotely clicking pics from the camera, recording the voice remotely, message on the screen and so many other things. It’s always best to install such an application whenever you purchase a new iOS device whether it’s a new iPhone, iPad, iWatch, or Macbook. These apps are really helpful in case you ever lost your device.

You can track all these activities using the app’s website. You don’t need to use the iCloud in case of these apps. You need to sign on the app’s website and you will be able to perform all the functions. Some functions are available as in-app purchases that you can take. However, most basic functions are free that you can use anytime.

iPhone Apps Won’t Update Fix 2020

We have to update apps of our iPhone to get the latest version of that app. The app developers put new features and fix bugs from time to time. So it is very important to update app time to time. It’s very easy to update the app on the iPhone but sometimes updating the app is very problematic. There are many internal problems that prevent apps from being updated. It is very simple to solve an updating problem but first of all, you have to know about the reason because if you don’t know about the problem, how can you solve the problem. I have given some solution to fix if iPhone apps won’t Update.

Iphone app won’t update fixIphone app won’t update fix

There are two types of users, one who doesn’t care dozen of notification on their notification bar and one who becomes restless when any update available. So if you fall on the second category but the app won’t update then follow the methods to fix it. Let’s try method one by one.

Ways to Fix iPhone Apps Won’t Update

1. Make Sure you’re using right Apple ID

If you are not able to update the app which you are wishing, check first that you are using the right Apple Id to update it. When you download any app, it becomes to associated with the apple Id. So you have to use the same apple id to update that app. So you have to check if you are using that Apple Id or not.

To check follow the following steps

  • First of all, tap the App Store app.
  • Now tap on Updates.
  • Now tap on Purchased.
  • Now check if the app which you want to update is listed here or not. If it is not available here, you have to change and check in another Apple Id.

If you are using iTune, follow the following steps to check which Apple Id you used to download that app.

  • First of all, go to list of apps.
  • Now right click on that app which you want to check.
  • Now click on get info.
  • Now click the file Tap.
  • Now you have to look at the purchased by for the apple Id.

If you used any other apple Id to download that app, move on that Apple id and then try to update that app.

2. Ensure restrictions are off

Restriction feature is given for the people to restrict certain app which you don’t want to update or use. Restriction is also allow to download apps. So may be the app, which you want to update, is restricted. So you have to check it. It is very easy to see the restriction list.

To Check Restriction List Follow the Following steps

  • First of all, Go to setting.
  • Now go to General.
  • Now tap on Restrictions.
  • Now check the Installing apps menu, If slider is set to off, Slide to enable the installing app.

Now try to install the app. If still you can’t update the app, move on to the next method.

3. Sign Out and Back into the App Store

Some time it is very easy to fix iPhone updating app problem just sign out Apple Id and sign in apple id. If you don’t know how to sign out Apple Id, follow the given steps.

  • Now just Tap on Setting.
  • Now tap on iTune and app store.
  • Now tap the Apple Id menu.
  • In the pop up menu tap sign out.
  • Now tap the Apple Id menu and sign in with apple Id.

If there is any apple Id problem, it will surely work. If it doesn’t work, just move on another method.

4. Check Available Storage

Perhaps it is a Storage problem. Sometimes, due to not enough storage, your iPhone do not allow to update app. So you have to be sure that there is enough storage for updating your app. You can check free space of your iPhone by following given step.

  • First of all, tap on setting.
  • Now tap on General setting.
  • Tap on about.
  • Look for the available line that’s the free storage of your iPhone.

If your iPhone has not enough space, you need to delete some apps to free more space. After deleting app, try again. If it doesn’t work, move on to next step.

5. Restart iPhone

It is simplest step to cure many problem. You can try it for updating error. After restarting, the thing which doesn’t work, automatically start working. So just try perhaps it is the cure of your problem.

To Restart just follow the following steps

  • Hold down the power button.
  • When the slide appears at the top of the screen, move it from left to the right.
  • Let the iPhone turn off.
  • Start iPhone again to press the power button again.

Now try to update app. If this method doesn’t work, move on other method.

6. Update to the latest version of iOS

It is another simple solution to fix the problem of updating app. It is required when you are not using latest iOS version. If you are not using latest version of iOS, you can not update any apple. So you have to update to the latest version of iOS. Once update latest version then try again later. If it also doesn’t work, move on another method.

7. Delete and Reinstall the app

If any thing does not work, delete the app which you want to update and reinstall in your iPhone. It will surely help to fix the problem. It will reinstall with updated version. So automatically you update the app. This is very simple trick to update an app.

I hope you have fixed the updating problem of your iPhone. If you can’t update, try to get help from the Apple service center. They will surely help to fix the problem of your iPhone. If you face any problem to follow the following steps, just comment in the comment box. we will try to fix your problem.