Find My iPad Online – Track iPad Now 2020

Apple iPad is one of the best tablets in the market. Losing an iPad becomes a serious problem because of the private information such as pics, videos, and other documents available on the iPad. We are also signed on to many online accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Anyone getting an iPad will be able to do anything with automatic sign-in on these accounts. However, you can find and locate your iPad simply by logging in iCloud. 

Already Know How to Use Find My iPhone Feature, If YES :

iCloud helps you track all your Apple devices such as iPod, iPhone, Mac, and iPad. You must be connected to all of your devices with an Apple Id. iCloud Sign in with the same Apple ID will show your devices on a map and their current location. You can also get step by step direction to reach your device. We will help you below step by step to perform these things smoothly. Once you do it then you will be able to do it whenever you want.

You can also use the official Apple app to find all of your apple devices such as iPad, Mac, iPod touch or iPhone. You can download “Find My iPhone” on your iPhone or even on your friends iPhone to start finding and tracking all of your devices.

“Find My iPhone” app can track all your Apple devices. Don’t get confused with the name. Once you sign in with the same Apple ID that you used to sign-in in on your iPad then you will be able to see all of your active devices and their location on the map. You can also get directions to reach up to your device. It’s one of the most awesome features of using Apple. =D

Important: “Find My iPad” must be enabled in iCloud by going to iPad SETTINGS. You may need to sign in with your Apple ID. Location tracking must be allowed as well when the pop up comes up upon turning on the “Find my iPad” option. If didn’t do that, it’s not going to work. 

Basically there are two ways through which you can find your iPad:

  1. Using a PC or laptop
  2. Using your iPhone 

How to find My iPad using a Computer 

You need to follow some simple steps below to locate your iPad:

  1. Find any nearby Laptop. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a MacBook or a Windows laptop. 
  2. Open any browser and go to
  3. Use your Apple ID for iCloud Sign in. ( Apple Id must be same that you used on iPad)
  4. There will be no. of apps inside the iCloud. Find and click on “Find My iPhone”
  5. “Find My iPhone” will show all your apple devices connected to this account on a map. Click on Devices option at the top and choose your lost/stolen iPad.
  6. You will be able to see its location on the map. Along with it, you will be presented with 3 options: Lost mode, Erase, and Play Sound. 
  7. Grey dot means: Unable to locate right now. You need to wait in this case.  A green dot means your device location is available and you can perform no. of options listed above remotely. 
  8. You can also get step by step direction to reach your iPad by clicking on the green dot on the map. 

Play Sound Option: If you lost your iPad inside your house or at the office then you can use this option remotely to find your iPad. Clicking on this option from your PC will make the iPad make an annoying sound that you can recognize easily from a distance as well. Sound will be played even if your iPad is in silent mode. This is a cool feature to get it instantly especially at home or office. 

Lost Mode option: Lost mode option allows you to lock your iPad with a 4 digit security code. You can also type a message to be shown on the iPad screen. Whoever has your iPad or finds it will see the message. There is a chance that you will get it back if the person contacts you on the number given. 

Erase Device option: If you lost your device at the public chance and you think it got stolen then you can use this option. Our personal iPad contains personal information such as documents, pics, and videos. It’s always best to erase the iPad remotely in case someone stole it. It will delete everything on your iPad. 

ACTIVATION LOCK: iOS 7 offers another option known as Activation lock. If you turn on the activation lock then the iPad will ask for Apple ID and password that you used to erase the device (It will ask when your device is turned on). A thief can’t sell your iPad without activation. It will protect your iPad for some time at least. 

It will look similar in iPad as well  Let’s look at how you can use the app to track your iPad. 

Tracking iPad using “Find My iPhone” app 

The whole process is similar to the above one. Instead of using iCloud login, we are directly going to use “Find My iPhone” app from iTunes store. You can use this app to find all of your iOS devices connected to the same Apple account. Follow the below steps to locate iPad:

  1. Install the app from the iTunes store on one of your devices. You can also use your friends iPhone or iPad to install and use it. 
  2. Use your Apple iD to login that you used in your lost/stolen iPad. 
  3. As soon as you login, you will be see device locations and start tracking it. 
  4. Same 4 options will be available here as well. Lost mode, erase, Play sound and activation lock options can be used remotely using this app. 
  5. All the functions can be used similar to PC. 

One more thing….

You can not track your iPad if it’s turned off or in AIRPLANE mode. Without GPS, location tracking is not possible via iCloud account or FIND MY iPhone app. A number of people say Find my iPhone not working. There are 2 reasons behind it. They didn’t set it up properly before losing the device. Secondly, there is no internet connection on your device at the time you’ve tried. You need to wait for the person to turn on your device.

With no Internet, no other website or app can help in tracking or location your iPad. However, you can always see the last location of your iPad on the map. 

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