How to Fix iPhone Flickering Screen 2020

If your iPhone’s screen has any problem as it is flickering, you come to a good place because, in this article, we’ll know about why is iPhone screen has started flickering at once. So your iPhone has a screen problem, do not worry there are many solutions for the screen problem of the iPhone. Sometimes it happened because of a software glitch and sometimes it happened because of hardware as loose connection within display circuit or defective screen. So as you saw there may be many causes behind screen problems. I have mentioned some symptoms of screen flickering to make sure you’re facing screen problems not any other.

Symptoms of screen flickering

  • iPhone touch screen become unresponsive  with gray flickering at the top of the screen. It is an hardware problem( if this exist in your iPhone, solution 1)
  • In this problem iPhone screen keeps flickering when you are flickering between apps or 3D touch. This problem also take place when you try to search app with Spotlight.

Note: If you have bought your iPhone within 30 days, you replace with new one.

Method 1: to Solve Screen flickering problem for iPhone 6 &6 plus

As I mentioned in the first symptoms, It is a hardware problem called touch disease on iPhone 6 & 6 Plus. There is a logic board in the inner part of the iPhone. This logic board is a home for many circuits that make sure the iPhone is working properly. Many circuits are connected with this circuit as a processor, Storage, and touch controllers.

Apple has launched a multiple repair program by which you can solve this touch disease on iPhone 6. It can repair screens or affected devices only at 149$. To repair your device you have to contact Apple care or Apple-authorized service provider. So contact with apple care and tell them about your problem, they will surely help you.

Now if your screen has second symptom disease, you have to move second, third, fourth, or fifth method to solve your screen problem. If your iPhone has not first type screen disease, it has a software issue which can be solved by following method. Let’s try and and solve your problem.

Method Second: Close Your All Open Apps

To Close your All Open all just follow the following steps. Sometimes, It is very easy to stop screen flickering problem because when your screen has enough load on it, it started flickering which can play the main role and increase your mobile/ iPhone problem. So we have to close your all app.

  • Double Click on the home button.
  • All open app will be appear on the screen.
  • Now close the app which you want to close.
  • To close swipe it.

Now you have closed app background running app in your mobile or iPhone.

Method Third: Hard Reset or Reboot your iPhone

You can hard reset or reboot your iPhone by yourself. To hard reset or Reboot your iPhone, just follow the following step.

  • Press power button and home button together for 10 second.
  • After 10 second, leave power button but do not leave home button until Apple logo appear on the screen.
  • Now your iPhone has started booting up.

If your screen has not stopped flickering, just move on to another method which has given below.

Method Fourth: Turn Brightness down

Instead of rebooting your iPhone, you can also fix your iPhone problem by turning brightness down. To turn brightness down, just follow the following steps.

  • Go to setting.
  • Now tap on brightness and set it lowest possible brightness.
  • Now keep it for some time.
  • After passing 10 minute, just click on brightness and set it again wherever you want to set it.

Now you will see screen is not flickering at all. So try this method and stop your iPhone flickering Problem.

Method Five:  Turn Reduce Transparency on

The reduce transparency on can reduce workload of iPhone. So if you turn it on, may be your screen flickering will be stopped and start working as good as before.To turn on reduce transparency on just follow the following step.

  • Go to setting.
  • Now go to General<<  Accessibility << Increase contrast << Reduce Transparency
  • Now turn on reduce transparency on.

After your iPhone should work properly. If you still facing any problem and there is any problem remain on your iPhone screen, just comment below and let us know about your problem. We will solve or try to solve your problem. Thanks.

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